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CBDoses Tincture 1500mg - CBDoses

CBDoses Tincture 1500mg

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15mL Bottle with dropper - Monthly Full Strength

Full Spectrum/Highly Concentrated/Organically grown/Hemp based CBD tincture

Use our full spectrum tinctures for immediate relief from stress, anxiety, insomnia, pain, hangovers, & headaches/migraines! Also use these products for immediate relief from the more serious conditions such as seizures, PTSD, arthritis, ADHD, asthma, cancer, diabetes, nausea, autism, addiction, & more!

  • Hemp extract that's infused with MCT Oil
  • 100mg/mL CBD
  • 15mL dropper bottle

200mg  - Weekly Half strength

400mg -  Weekly Full strength

750mg -  Monthly Half strength

1500mg – Monthly Full strength

3000mg – Full Strength x 2