Coming Soon! Doses Facial Serum - CBDoses
Coming Soon! Doses Facial Serum - CBDoses

Coming Soon! Doses Facial Serum

A formula of non-greasy organic essential oils.

Ideal for face, neck, chest, & feet.

A blend of organic argon oil, organic jojoba oil, organic rosehip seed oil, organic evening primrose oil, organic buckthorn seed oil, rose absolute, organic tamanu, full spectrum hemp extract (including 50 mg CBD), frankincense, sandalwood, carrot seed oil and Vitamin E oil.

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Pam H.
United States United States
I recommend this product

I like the smell & so far so good. I feel it is hydrating my skin nicely.

Heidi &.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Here’s my story on how I stumbled on CBDoses

I was ironing my hair and when I was finished I set the iron down a few feet away from where I was sitting on the floor. Suddenly, I had to get up off the floor and I used my left hand to brace myself to get up and I accidently placed my hand on top of the iron I just unplugged. The iron was set at 380 degrees and had been unplugged for maybe 30 seconds. Needless to say I scorched the palm of my hand and immediately started wincing and crying. I was getting ready to drive 45 minutes up to Milwaukee to meet up with my sister in law and the drive up there I was in terrible pain and couldn’t feel my fingers on my hand and couldn’t drive the car using my left hand. I made it Milwaukee and when I got to the hotel room I told Karen my sister in law about what happened and she said “I have something that might help you”. Out came her bottle of CBDoses facial serum….although at the time I didn’t know what she was putting on the palm of my hand and I didn’t care. I felt like throwing up for the last hour and half and I couldn’t even see myself enjoying the evening. Suddenly, about 1 minute after Karen dropped the CBDoses facial serum on my palm I no longer felt pain. I was contemplating having some wine to relax me but then decided against it when I realized that whatever Karen gave me must have been working. Zero pain!!! Zero!! I literally watched the palm of my hand calm down in redness and the pain never came back the entire evening. Two days later I ask Karen what she put on my hand and right away I called Harry to order some so I could continue to heal my hand. My husbands story: Last August 2019 my husband Michael badly burned his forearm on the stove and immediately he put on the CBDoses and then he went golfing for the afternoon. He called me from the golf course and told me that about every half hour or so he would look down to see how his arm was healing (knowing my experience in July) and he said that he literally watched the burn heal throughout the day. He has no scar on his arm and I don’t have a scar on my hand.   Fast forward into August 2019 until February I have been using the facial serum on my face daily and have noticed a huge difference in the lines on my forehead and corners of my eyes…they have subsided some and I put this on every evening before bed and sometimes before I put my makeup on in the morning. Thank you CBDoses for this most amazing product that you have created. I have sent several friends your information and I am a very proud supporter of your business. Yay Colorado!!!

Sue D.
United States United States
Love Facial Serum & Relieving Balm!

I use the face oil twice a day, daily, and I have gotten so many compliments! People say that I have a certain youthful glow that I never had before.