Drug Testing

Can I fail a drug test using CBD-infused products?”  


Our full spectrum hemp-infused products contain minimal but some THC. The maximum amount of THC in hemp products to be considered legal is under 0.3% THC. For example our 1500mg CBDoses Tincture contains 0.2% THC by weight, with a concentration of 1.96 mg/mL.


While rare, we have had one reported case of a customer failing a company required drug test after using 1500mg CBDoses Tincture.


The test was a standard commercial drivers license  (CDL) test.  The threshold for this federal test is 50 nano grams of THC, and apparently taking 15 drops per day exceeded the threshold for this client


 In case of job-related drug testing, if you are taking our full hemp spectrum products  consider advising your human resource department in advance.  


You can also enjoy the benefits of CBD without any THC by purchasing our CBD isolates. CBD isolates contain no THC and are 99.6% CBD. The CBD crystals can be mixed with any liquid to ingest without any THC.  If you still want the entourage benefits of full spectrum oil, consider adding CBD isolates to our 250MG CBDoses Tincture whole hemp extract product, which contains 0.04% THC by weight at a concentrations of 0.37mg/mL.