Why Vape CBD? What Are Cutting Agents?

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Whether you’re fighting off nicotine, hope to achieve a good nights sleep, heard the buzz about us, or you’re just trying to relax a little.. We at CBDoses have carefully crafted a CBD vaping formula that's simple and effective. A CBDoses Vape Pod System that holds a charge for longer than seems possible, pulls at the perfect temperature every time, & tastes according to its correlating flavor throughout the entire pod. Welcome to the CBDoses Wave & Enjoy.

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 Why Vape CBD?

Vaping is one of the fastest and most effective ways to take CBD and get it directly into your bloodstream for almost instant relief. When you vape CBD, you can expect to feel the effects in 3-5 minutes opposed to 30-60 minutes with topical or ingestible products. This also means that it can wear off quickly. So keeping your CBDoses pen with you in your pocket or purse makes it easy to modify your dosage on the go or take small doses throughout the day. 


Whether you choose CBDoses or not, please know not to vape CBD that isn’t 100% CBD content. Cutting Agents like VG/PG are known to be cancerous. Also, beware of companies who use MCT oil in their vapes! Studies have shown that inhaling oils like MCT at high temperatures can pose serious health risks. You can trust that here at CBDoses, we value transparency, and want you to know that we use only 2 ingredients. Pure CBD distillate and botanically derived terpenes. That is it folks. 

 What are cutting agents?

Cutting agents are basically fillers. They can be used to thicken a vape oil mixture when it’s too thin, as a carrier to CBD isolate when companies won’t spend the extra money on already thick and ready to vape distillate, or simply to cut the product with a cheap filler to increase profits.. More filler, less CBD. Thus leaving the customer having to smoke through sometimes up to 50% of pointless material just to get to the intended vape material - CBD. 

 IMPORTANT NOTE: Just like you’ve heard on the news with drugs, cutting agents can be dangerous. For example, fentanyl has recently proven to be deadly amongst different street drugs in the last few years, marijuana included. On November 19th 2019, the CDC released an update on the “vaping crisis” in America. They have identified Vitamin E Acetate as a common factor amongst all reviewed cases in patients who have been admitted for pneumonia like symptoms from vaping. "CDC has identified vitamin E acetate as a chemical of concern among people with e-cigarette, or vaping, product use associated lung injury (EVALI). Recent CDC laboratory testing of bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) fluid samples (fluid samples collected from the lungs) from 29 patients with EVALI submitted to CDC from 10 states found vitamin E acetate in all of the samples. Vitamin E acetate is used as an additive, most notably as a thickening agent in THC-containing e-cigarette, or vaping, products" - CDC. Our Opinion: Vitamin E is a colorless, tasteless, and dangerous option for a cutting agent that should not be used vaping formulas. It lines your lungs with a coating that causes vaping liquid to build up in your lungs therefore potentially causing lipid pneumonia. Again, this is just speculation and opinion. Three massive companies selling thickening agents containing vitamin E have all disappeared in the last 5 months. We won’t mention names but please, know your source, and know the ingredients. 

 Our lab reports page has labs for our distillate, terpenes, and our pods (hardware). Transparency is key in being a top trusted company.. That's what we stand for. Quality & Transparency.